Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Come dine with PERFECTION!

What is it with some of the people on Come dine with me. I was watching with darling daughter when this 21 year old girl came on and was like 'i have been to posh places and I know what good food tastes like ' blah blah blah !

I wanted to scream HELLO YOU ARE 21!!! Its time to act your age and not like some old fart like the rest of us!

It did not appear that she came from an affulent (spelt wrong) background but she described her host's food as something you would get from your bog standard restaurant. I would love to know what her definition is of bog standard as for us mere mortals that is all that we can afford. If i wanted to eat at Jaime Oliver's restaurant everytime i went out i would not be able to eat for the rest of the week.

I must add though that i think that this idea of perfection is something that runs along some people's minds all the time. I refer to a lady whom is now married to a mutual acquaintance. She said that her and her partner never argued, never disagreed and pretty much said that their relationship was perfection on toast. I rebutted that i disagree and have tiffs with my husband as i thought that was the natural part of life. You live with them 24/7 they are bound to get on your nerves and vice versa!

Well as it was her partner proposed to her a year later. Ah perfection!! But my husband told me that her partner had let it slip during a drinking session that this was after months of hearing her singing at him Beyonce Put a ring on it song!!

So the moral of my long moan is whilst i am the mother of a beautiful little girl and things seem ok most of the time, when poo gets under your fingernails and on your floor without you realising it you most certaintly know that you would prefer not to be so perfect, life would be so dreadfully boring!!

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