Friday, 20 January 2012

From happy to crappy and back again

A visit to my sister's house so that Cordy can play with her cousin and enjoy a bit of running around. They are about 9 months apart in age, Cordy is older.

However due to Cordy's epilepsy her speech or lack of makes her seem like the younger of the pair. There are other differences too. Cordy does not understand what parts of her body are for ie where poo comes from whereas her cousin can point this out. Cordy also cannot speak except for single words which more often than not are out of context whereas her cousin babbles away and sometimes sounds like an older scolding sibling when things go wrong.

I know that as a parent i should not compare my child to anothers but it is soo hard. The problem is the older Cordy gets the more obvious the effect her epilepsy has had on her development.

My sister during a discussion about nurseries said that i should send Cordy to one for at least a year prior to her going to school. I disagree with this fundamentally due to Cordy's issues namely her hypermobility, behaviour and epilepsy. These all compound to make her more difficult than the average 2 and half year old. The problem is unless you see the after effects of a long session of play you cannot GET the effect it has on a child like Cordy.

For instance when we got home she went mental because she was so tired and i imagine achy(as she was running around) It took over an hour for her to calm down long enough to go to sleep, can you imagine a nursery having the time to deal with her?!

Don't get me wrong, once she has had her sleep she is better but she still slaps, bites, pulls hair and generally gets in the way like a normal toddler but also not like a normal toddler if that makes sense. She is the light of my life but she also needs a lot of help to get to the developmental milestones that other toddlers find much easier.

Now to finish her tea!

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