Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Ahh its just past 8 in the morning and my Cordy wakes us up with a cough. A bottle and some porridge later and she is happy, I myself need a coffee before I feel like a human! 8:30am and its medicine time. She takes her Carbamazepine most days but today she is spitting some out and I hear my husband telling her she is naughty.
We are off to the cinema today and so far its a good day. We have had just over 3 weeks of good days and its starting to feel like the past few months were happening to someone else...

You see Cordy started having seizures in early November. I remember it very clearly because I was at home with her, she was just over 4 months old at this point. I was just about to change her bum when she made a wimpering sound and had a full on grand mal or tonic clonic seizure. This meant that her whole body was shaking and her face dropped. She was completely unresponsive. I remember being so in shock that the only thing I managed to do (besides watching her like a hawk to make sure she was breathing) was call my husband. I was screaming at him to come home as she was having a seizure. When he did manage to get here I was so out of it that he asked whether we should take Cordy to the doctors instead of the hospital and I actually contemplated it!!! After a minute or so we decided that she needed the hospital and so I packed a couple of things and rushed to the car with them both. It was only in the car that Cordy then had another seizure. Another grand mal one. I was beside myself at this point and my husband drove to the hospital.

To be continued....

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