Wednesday, 17 February 2010

today's a diversion

So today is the first day that Cordy is staying with someone other than me or my husband. Its only for 2 hours but already I'm saying to myself I will only let her stay at my mum's for an hour as I think that is best for her (really its for myself).

Cordy hasn't had a fit in just over 3 weeks but she is suffering with a cold and last time she had a cold she ended up in hospital for 6 days and was only released at 4:30pm on Christmas eve. So I am very hesitant to say the least. The other thing stopping me is that my mum is a bit panicky and I'm not sure she will keep her cool should Cordy have a seizure.

Before the seizures started I would not have hesitated to leave her with someone but everything is different now. There is medication to consider and because some of the seizures that Cordy has are vacant it means that unless you are paying attention you miss them. This also means that if she has more than 2 within 30 minutes she should be having intervention/rescue medicine.
So I'm trying to keep cool and think nothing will go wrong but this also means that I don't feel comfortable enough to actually let my hair down and go and have lunch with my husband. So instead my husband and I are going to stay at home and so do some diy. We live 5 mins from my mum so I think this is best.

Urg its so hard sometimes!!!!

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